Welcome to The Thai at Saltford
The Thai is a bistro restaurant in the heart of Saltford with a friendly and open atmosphere.
We recently reopened as a new company on May 9th 2022, with a simplified menu.

We are open Monday to Saturday evenings from 4pm, with last orders for food at 10pm.
(of course you can stay later to enjoy your meal!)
We also provide a take-away service from 4pm to 10pm which is discounted 5% from the menu price
Our quiet time is currently from 4pm to 6:30pm, so this is a good time to order a take-away or pop in for an early meal.
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Find us

Our Address is 489, Bath Road, Saltford. Bristol. BS31 3BA.
The Thai can be found on the main A4, 5 miles from Bath (7.8 miles from Bristol). Access is gained by turning off the A4 into Beech Road.
We are the middle shop in a bank of three shops on the right hand side if coming from Bath (left hand if coming from Bristol) in between Davies and Way and Clarkson's.
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All of our food is cooked to order, so it is as fresh as we can make it, which is why sometimes you may have to wait for your takeaway.
We have a comprehensive menu but we can adjust meals to your liking or to meet any dietary requirements whether it's gluten free, vegan, nuts, the spiciness, just ask!
Nikki will also provide dishes from the previous company's menu even if they are not on the new menu.
Nikki will also prepare other Thai dishes to order, a minimum of two days notice is required to order in special ingredients. Certain Thai dishes require marinade or slow cooking and may need longer notice. Please call ahead and ask!

If you are ordering a takeaway please use the menu number,
 it will be quicker for you and us, thank you!




These can all be found on Tripadvisor (bear in mind its the same cook):

A fantastic restaurant with delicious food as well as great service. Definately a go to place if you're looking for a true authentic taste of Thailand.

Because of Covid 19 we were at the end of our second week in isolation and decided to treat ourselves with a meal from our favourite restaurant, who were doing deliveries while the restaurant was closed. The meal was delivered on time, hot and of the same high quality that they serve in the restaurant. It is a difficult time for business at this time but because of their wonderful food and friendly atmosphere they have a loyal following of customers who I am sure will support them through this time.

Food was delicious and large portions. Service was very friendly and welcoming. Will definitely return.

Having fallen in love with real authentic Thai food in Thailand and never finding the same thing here in the UK despite years of trying I am thrilled to have discovered this place! The food is exceptional! The pad Thai is just what you get on the streets and markets of Bangkok and far exceeds anything in normal take aways or shops. Also highly recommend the Penang ped curry - the closest to such a delicious red curry was in the Maldives. I cannot wait to return!

Fantastic selection of food, all of the highest quality. The staff went above and beyond for us. Thorou
ghly recommend. 12 out of 10.

Good food choice, good service, great food you can watch it being cooked, have been coming here since it started and have never had a bad meal. It can be a bit of a squeeze when it's full but that adds to the atmosphere.